a level 1 bbb-ee environmental company

Sustainable development. Environmental protection. Biodiversity conservation.


Zanemvula is an isiZulu word which means to bring rain. Rain is the source of life and symbolizes sustainability and growth.

‘To bring the rain’ encapsulates our ethos and approach to work.

At Zanemvula, we endeavour for sustainable development, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation through the implementation of existing EIA and Compliance tools.

Our aim is to ensure that land use change is not only environmentally sustainable but also economically and socially viable.

Zanemvula is a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment company that strives for excellence in ecological and environmental practice.

what we do

Our Services


  • Advice and guidance on environmental legislative framework in relation to developments
  • Environmental Screening Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (Full and Basic)
  • Waste Management Licenses
  • Water Use Licence Applications
  • Construction & Operational
  • Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr)
  • Environmental Control Officer services
  • Compliance and best practise


  • Watercourse/Wetland delineation and functional assessment, including EIS and PES
  • Water Demand and Balance
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Wetland Management and Rehabilitation Plans
  • Wetland Offset Plans
  • Floodline delineation
  • Dam design and irrigation modelling
  • High end GIS mapping and modelling


  • Ecological advice to both domestic livestock and wildlife farm owners and managers
  • Veld condition Assessments (herbaceous and woody vegetation)
  • Soil Classification
  • Prescribed Burning Programs and Fire Management Plans
    Implementation of firebreaks and prescribed burning treatment
  • Grazing and browsing carrying capacities, stocking rates and animal ratios
  • Vegetation Assessments
  • Alien Plant Management Plans
  • Vegetation Rehabilitation Plans

who we are

Our Team

We are a small team currently consisting of 4 professionals. We take pride in our ability to offer personalized service without compromise on professionalism, experience and expertise.

Ms Swazi Kubheka

BSc, MSc (Enviro Sci)

Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Swazi (owner and director of Zanemvula Environmental Pty Ltd) obtained her Masters degree in Environmental Science from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2018. Swazi has Planning, Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Assessments experience of 4 years.

Dr Bruce Scott-Shaw

BSc, MSc, PhD (Hydrology)

Hydrologist and GIS specialist

Bruce is a hydrologist, whose focus is broadly on hydrological perspectives of land use management and climate change. Throughout his university career he has mastered numerous models and tools relating to hydrology, soil science and GIS. 

Mrs Susan Machpesh (nee Carter-Brown)

BSc, (Equine Sci); Dip Education; BSc Hon, (Enviro Sci)

Environmental Assessment Practitioner 

Susan has been practising as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner for the past 8 years. She has conducted Environmental Impact Assessments for a range of developments, with a focus on commercial agricultural activities.

Mr Ross Goode

National Diploma (Nature Conservation)

Ecologist, Botanist

Ross is a highly competent ecologist. His strengths include undertaking veld condition assessments to provide veld management recommendations according to ecological status of the veld, as well as integrated fire plans.

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Telephone: 033 343 1352 Mobile: 073 825 5770;
Physical Address: 22 Hilton Avenue
Postal Address: PO Box 949, Hilton 3245